Virtual Bookkeeping

COUNT ON US: Fast, accurate virtual bookkeeping to keep your business on track.

Save money while keeping track of your money—the virtual bookkeeping way!

What is virtual—or onlinebookkeeping?

More companies are now outsourcing their bookkeeping online. They simply send copies of all their financial transaction data to online bookkeeping specialists who record, code, and reconcile the data for the company. COUNT ON US uses QuickBooks—the online bookkeeping program that is the standard for the industry.

Why use a virtual bookkeeping service?

To reduce the cost of maintaining staff:

                No overhead, no employee benefits or payroll taxes, no training, hiring and firing

To receive clear, unbiased, professional assistance

To improve the quality of your financial accounting using QuickBooks

To enhance your bottom line—accurate bookkeeping helps increase income long term

Why use COUNT ON US for virtual bookkeeping?

15-plus years of dependable, professional bookkeeping experience

We’re online and accessible throughout the United States

We provide customized support to businesses of all types and sizes, new or established, nonprofits, or self-employed.

We have a proven track record of providing emergency help after records are destroyed by computer crashes or when data is lost. (See Case Study: Records Protected)

Our reports will show your financial position, plus we can give you recommendations for streamlining and improving your overall business recordkeeping.

Accountants and tax preparers call on us for much-needed bookkeeping help. (See Case Studies: Every Year, Not in Years & Growing Law Practice)

We complete assignments for most companies within 72 hours.

Confidentiality is assured.

How does COUNT ON US virtual bookkeeping work?

You email, snail mail, or fax copies of bank and credit card statements and/or other company financial transactions to us.  (With many Companies this information can also be gathered on-line directly from the bank or credit card issuer).

We record all transactions, organize, and balance your statements, notify you of any questionable transactions and then return any original business records and shred any copies.

We provide you with an accurate and updated QuickBooks file, including reports.