It’s All in the Ad

Count On Us was asked to take on a new client, a small advertising agency who had a large receivable and payable problem.   The Agency had a large client declare bankruptcy leaving them with unpaid receivables.  More importantly the Agency owed tens of thousands of dollars for media purchased on the client’s behalf and was considering closing.  Count On Us worked with the client to create cash flow projections to determine if the business could endure as well as develop a payment schedule that was workable for cash flow and to the creditors.  Two years later, Count On Us continues to maintain the Agency’s books as they enter their 15th year healthy and profitable.


With a wide and varied background of working with businesses, Count On Us can assist a business owner in a number of ways.  From day to day bookkeeping to extraordinary and unusual circumstances, all with the goal of working with the business and tax professionals to make the company stronger and better informed about their finances.