After 17 Years

A company needed immediate help after the person handling their books suddenly left after 17 years.  We conducted an in-depth review of their existing computer files and paper records.  We discovered that more than half of the paper records were not properly entered into their computer file and that there was no credit card data, even though the Company had 11 credit cards.  Count On Us was able to go back and re-enter the missing data and catch up on and maintain their existing records, ultimately taking over all of their bookkeeping functions and working with their accountant on re-evaluating their tax situation.


Small or multi-faceted, start up or established, your company can literally count on us to manage your bookkeeping crisis or disaster-in-the-making. Count On Us provides fast, accurate, confidential and reliable service so you can avoid the nightmare of lost data. Most jobs can be completed in 72 hours. And in most cases, the work can be done online, whatever your location.