Tax Professionals

Accountants, CPA’s, Consultants and Legal Professionals can depend on Count On Us.  To provide professional and accurate year round bookkeeping for their clients as well as skillfully manage any bookkeeping crisis. Tax Professionals recommend our services to their clients with confidence knowing we are experts at bookkeeping and record preparation.

Most accountants and CPAs add the services of a virtual bookkeeper to their practice to increase revenue and lower overhead. The benefits of virtual bookkeeping include:
Increased revenue
                More time to add clients
                More time to work on high revenue projects
                Direct billing revenue
Increased client retention
                By expanding the services offered to your clients
Lower overhead costs—
                No overhead, no employee benefits or payroll taxes, no training, hiring and firing
When you do your own bookkeeping, you spend less time maximizing profits. Optimize your time by using a virtual bookkeeper, redirect your time and become more profitable.

Why “Count On Us” for your virtual bookkeeping?

Accountants and CPAs choose Count On Us because of our experience, ability to work with a very wide range of clients, reliability, confidentiality, fast response and our professionalism. (See Who Do We Work With and Case Studies Tabs)

What type of projects does Count On Us work on?

Emergencies: after a computer crashes, when data is missing,
Overflow (see Case Study: Every Year)
Project by project basis,
Quick turn-a-round (see Case Study: Records Protected),  
Pre-year end preparation and
Ongoing bookkeeping services

Optional Services:
                1099 preparation and data gathering
                Prepare payroll tax reports
                Retail monthly state sales tax reports

We can create stand alone reports and complete the required forms.  Everything is sent to you for approval and review before transmission to client.

Count On Us protects your and/or your client’s information. (See FAQ’s for additional information)
Computer back-up systems
Secure files
Secure data transmissions of financial transactions

You can be secure in knowing that you are working with a trusted, professional team.

Billing Method for Count On Us.

Count On Us invoices either monthly for on-going work or at the end of a project. (Large projects may be billed throughout.)  Invoices can be billed directly to you or Count On Us can invoice the client directly.  The choice is yours.

What Count On Us does NOT do?

Count On Us’ bookkeeping specialists do not provide accounting services. We also do not perform any tax preparation besides the gathering of financial information for bookkeeping purposes.

To ensure your protection, Count On Us will never be a signor or trustee or ever have direct access to any funds.