Will Count On Us ever send data overseas?

          Data is NEVER sent overseas and is always kept confidential and secure at our Chicago based Headquarters.

How is data transmitted and kept secure?          

          All data and files sent to or from Count On Us are secured by encrypted, password-protected software.  In addition Count On Us uses a dual internal hard drive system (all information is automatically stored on identical drives), an additional external hard drive and all data is secured off-site on a computer system owed by Count On Us. No third party ever has access to data.

Is my data ever on a cloud based system?

            There is nothing wrong with using cloud based technology.  However, Count On Us has chosen, to protect all client information on a company owned off site encrypted, password protected back-up system.

How does Count On Us bill?

          With on- going assignments Count On Us has an hourly fee, which is billed monthly.  Specific assignments with a known end date are usually billed at the end of the assignment.  For larger projects billing will usually occur at agreed upon points during the assignment.

Does Count On Us handle client funds?

           Count On Us can perform a wide range of bookkeeping functions including cutting checks.  However, to insure your protection and confidence, Count On Us will never be a signor or trustee or ever have direct access to any funds.

Does Count On Us do any accounting or tax preparation?

           Count On Us’ bookkeeping specialists do not provide accounting services. We also do not perform any tax preparation besides the gathering of financial information for bookkeeping purposes.

Can I still work with my current Tax Professional?

             Yes, Count On Us works with a number of Tax Professionals, including Accountants, CPA’s, Consultants and Legal Professionals.  We strongly recommend that you and Count On Us work with your Tax Professional to provide you with the best service possible.