Records Protected

In a world dominated by computers, the expertise of Count On Us can save companies, large and small, from bookkeeping and tax disasters. We provide service online to businesses across America.

A remodeling company had a complete computer system crash that affected all of their records, including back-up copies.  A clean back-up was found that was six months old.  With only weeks until their tax deadline, they needed all of their QuickBooks file recreated.  For expediency all of their paper records were sent to Count On Us, along with the existing clean QuickBooks file.  With an extraordinary effort Count On Us was able to restore all of the data, correct existing bookkeeping errors, and make important recommendations on streamlining their bookkeeping procedures.  Count On Us completed this assignment in less than seven days and continues to assist with on-going bookkeeping.


Count On Us is great at all things bookkeeping, including finding missing information and tying pieces of information together to re-create QuickBooks records that may have been destroyed.  We do this by re-creating the physical and electronic records, organizing the existing and missing information to develop a complete picture.