Growing Law Practice

To be successful, a legal firm must maintain proper and accurate client retainer accounts.  Count On Us has helped numerous law firms organize and maintain their accounts and reconcile their trust accounts. The accurate and streamlined bookkeeping Count On Us provides saves time and money. It frees attorneys to work for clients and build the firm instead of spending time tracking retainer fees. Many law firms confidently recommend Count On Us to their clients and colleagues.

A small but growing two-man law partnership had been doing their own bookkeeping.  But their recent growth caused them to fall behind in record keeping.  To avoid a potential crisis, their accountant recommended Count On Us.  We were able to get them caught up and clean up their trust account records far beyond what was necessary to pass a state audit.  Count On Us provided the partners with monthly and quarterly P/L (Profit / Loss Statement sometimes called an income statement), a balance sheet, and up-to-date information on client retainers in the trust account, along with maintaining their on going day to day bookkeeping needs.


Count On Us has extensive experience working with the unique needs of a legal practice.  Specifically, maintaining proper client trust accounts.  This experience allows you to use your time expanding your legal practice and still have accurate records and reports for you, your client, your tax professional and a state auditor.