About Us

Count On Us is Fast, Accurate, and Reliable
— prepared to support you with day-to-day bookkeeping and crisis financial management solutions

Fast: We’re ready to complete most business assignments within 72 hours.
Accurate: We ask the right questions from the outset to get accurate financial results.
Reliable: We get the job done efficiently and confidentiality is assured.

Count On Us: Bookkeeping Specialists That Mean Business

A professional, reliable bookkeeping service for:

  • corporations
  • small and mid-size companies
  • start-up businesses
  • law firms
  • non-profit organizations

Professional bookkeeping is the backbone of any business operation. With accurate bookkeeping, business owners can balance cash flow, uncover problems, prevent payroll nightmares, and minimize tax liability while presenting accurate business records to potential investors and financial institutions.

Randall E. Heman of Count On Us has an impressive background in bookkeeping with more than 15 years business experience. An established record in the banking and finance fields — before the formation of Count On Us — has given Randall a total understanding of what a business owner needs to understand their financial position and plan their business future, including building and maintaining client relationships and confidentiality.

Randall prides himself on meeting and exceeding the objectives of every business client. Count On Us, has received assignments that vary from routine to complex, achieving every agreed upon deadline as he directs the management and daily operations of Count On Us.

Count On Us takes on the toughest assignments and confidentially reviews financial statements, bank accounts and other financial documents. Randall has rapidly become a recognized and respected bookkeeping resource and advisor to businesses in the metro Chicago area and across the United States.

Count On Us makes it easy and affordable to get your bookkeeping on the right track. Whether your books are in disarray–or you’re seeking to efficiently manage your money and record keeping–Count On Us is your valued business resource.